The Campaign Corner™ supports President Trump 100% and promotes candidates who align with his leadership. Our great country is in the fight of its life to reclaim our values, faith, prosperity, safety and sovereignty. We are a nation of law and order, and President Trump is leading us in reclaiming and restoring our great country for all Americans. Because he keeps his promises, we expect a HUGE win for him in 2020!

A divided party can’t effectively fight the enemy! The Campaign Corner™ encourages unity within the Republican Party so that together we can win President Trump’s 2nd term, take back our House and keep our Senate. We face unprecedented hatred from those who would have our country destroyed, so we need to support each other. Minimally, we can abstain from tearing others within our same party apart. Republicans don’t have to agree on all points, but we can unify around our core beliefs and in following the leadership example set by our great President. Campaign Corner™ directs our fans to the topics around which we can come together as Americans.

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Shari WassellCampaign Corner™ | Host • Weeknights • 8:45pm ET
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Shari Wassell is the host of YourVoice™ Network’s Campaign Corner, featuring US congressional candidate interviews, election news updates and grassroots leaders. Shari is 100% pro-Trump and her direct style is unique and encouraging. Candidates and guests love the positive experience of promoting their platform on the show.