Video Player • Pelosi Sham Panel!

Video Player • Pelosi Sham Panel! • Wednesday, Jul 28th
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The bad news is CA is lost. The good news is CA is not America.
Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021
Newsom Recall!
Episode • One
Media, Fauci and CDC continue to push only the vaccine..
Monday, Sep 13, 2021
Ivermectin Wars!
Episode • Two
In attempt to preserve abortion, Democrats turn to Satan..
Thursday, Sep 9, 2021
Biden Polling Falls!
Episode • Three
In attempt to preserve abortion, Democrats turn to Satan..
Wednesday, Sep 8, 2021
Satan Is Democrat!
Episode • Four
Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Gateway Pundit
Hundreds of pages of U.S. Food and Drug Administration records obtained under a Freedom of Information Act case brought by government watchdog Judicial Watch reveal the U.S. government was buying the heads of unborn babies, and other body parts, for ...
DEMONIC: FDA Purchased Intact Aborted Baby Heads, ...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • Big League Politics
Singapore Covid cases explode after 80% vaccinated....
COVID-19 Cases Spike in Singapore After Country Re...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 •
The state of Arizona has sued the Biden-Harris Administration over the "egregious" coronavirus vaccine mandate, which Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich argues violates the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause by discriminating against U.S. cit...
Arizona First State to Sue Biden Administration ov...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Gateway Pundit
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley released a statement through a spokesman that confirmed the reporting in the new book Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa that stated Milley had two conversations with his counterpart in the C...
Milley Confirms Woodward Book Reports on Undermini...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Daily Mail
Republicans are ramping up pressure on the Biden administration to declare the Taliban a terrorist organization.  ...
Republicans turn up the heat on Biden to designate...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Daily Mail
The Taliban has descended into bitter in-fighting with so-called 'moderates' thought to be at war with terrorist hardliners as both vie for power in the vacuum left by America's retreat from Afghanistan. ...
Taliban goes to war with itself as 'moderates' feu...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 •
A growing number of young people are combating "climate anxiety," and a majority think "humanity is doomed," according to a study  published in Lancet Planetary Health Tuesday....
Survey Claims 56% of Young People People Believe '...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Gateway Pundit
The number of illegal border crossers that were encountered on the southern border has officially topped 200,000 for the second straight month. We have now had a whopping total of 1,322,657 over the first 8 months of the year....
The Biden Effect: Illegal Crossers Top 200,000 for...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Gateway Pundit
Minaj says that she has now been locked out of her Twitter account. Twitter has denied that she is suspended. Earlier this week, Minaj was attacked by liberals like Joy Reid and Meghan McCain for telling people not be pressured into getting vaccinate...
Nicki Minaj Says She Was Locked Out of Twitter Sho...
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Thursday, Sep 16, 2021 • The Gateway Pundit
John H. Durham, the special counsel appointed by the Trump administration to scrutinize the Russia investigation, has told the Justice Department that he will ask a grand jury to indict a prominent cybersecurity lawyer on a charge of making a false s...
John Durham Reportedly is Finally Taking Action...
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