This Is Our Story:

The YourVoiceTM Network was founded by Bill Mitchell in June of 2016 to provide energized President Trump supporters on social media a greater voice beyond Twitter and Facebook.  We have rocketed to the top of #NewMedia with over 5 million monthly viewers because we present a positive, uplifting message in a new way. This is smart, fun media done right because we get it right!

Scheduled Programming:

The Bill Mitchell Show TM • Weeknights • 7pm ET
Show Host: Bill Mitchell
Gab: @mitchellvii | Parler: @mitchellvii | CloutHub: @mitchellvii

Formerly, YourVoice™ America, The Bill Mitchell Show™ has long established itself as one of the leading voices in today’s new media. Offering a unique combination of insightful analysis, fascinating guest interviews and listener call-ins, The Bill Mitchell Show™ is must-see tv viewed by millions. Click here to watch our latest episode!

Campaign Corner TM • Mondays • 6pm ET
Show Host: Shari Wassell
Gab: @Shari_MN | Parler: @ShariWassell | CloutHub: @ShariWassell

As a standout during the 2020 races, Campaign Corner™ made a name for itself by screening and interviewing top #MAGA candidates many of whom were eventually elected in 2020! Host Shari Wassell asks the tough questions to help you get to know candidates who will become tomorrow’s leaders! Click here to watch her latest episode!

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