YourVoice™ America was founded by Bill Mitchell in June of 2016 based upon a powerful concept – to provide energized Trump supporters on social media a greater voice beyond just Twitter, Facebook or traditional Media.  Why shout alone at your television when you can shout to the world on YourVoice™ America?  YourVoice™ America has rocketed to the top of #NewMedia with over 1.5 million listeners a month because we present a positive, uplifting message in a new way…

  • 24/7 HOTLINE – Most podcasts attempt to have live call-ins.  I say attempt because it doesn’t work very well.  This requires an extra layer of personnel and technology meaning more things that can go wrong.  As a caller you may receive a busy signal, get put on hold for a long time or worst of all, have your call dropped.  Connection quality may be poor or you may never make it past the dreaded call screener if you get through at all.  It is not the best calls which make it on the air, but the luckiest.  And even if you do get heard, you may be cut short by a commercial break or a host running short on time. We’ve solved this problem completely by creating a 24/7 Hotline which callers can dial and leave up to a 1 minute message.  Although you may discuss anything you like, we typically spread the word on Twitter as to the subjects we’ll be covering that night.  We tend to get quite a few calls for each show and cannot play them all, but even if you don’t get on the air that night, your call will be made available in our YourVoice™ Hotline section of our website.  One way or the other, your voice will be heard!
  • NIGHTLY CO-HOSTS – It’s not unusual for a podcast to have a Host and one or maybe two Co-hosts who appear on every program.  This can become tiresome.  YourVoice™ America takes a different approach.  We have a 2 different Co-host(s) for each night of the week, with that same Co-host re-appearing on the same night each week.  This means each nightly show offers a fresh voice and perspective.
  • WELL-KNOWN GUESTS – Each night, we strive to bring you at least one outstanding guest to discuss the issues of the day – We call these segments “Spotlights”.  We’ve interviewed Katrina Pierson, Diamond & Silk and Dr. Sebastian Gorka just to name a few.  Whether pre-taped or live, the guests are always brilliant and informative.